Fred went on to join Eden Bioscience Corporation in 2000 where he served as Director of Regulatory Affairs and Environmental Stewardship.  Key accomplishments include registering the unique harpin technology – a signaling protein derived from nature, produced in a recombinant bacterium, and registered as a biochemical pesticide.  Fred also became a charter member of the Biopesticide Industry Alliance (BPIA) ( in 2000, serving on the regulatory committee and the Board of Directors.


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In 2007 Fred became Director of Regulatory Affairs for AgraQuest, Inc. where he led the regulatory team to expand global registrations of their flagship bio-fungicide products, register a new plant extract and its second generation mimic, as well as provide strategic regulatory guidance on the development of new products coming out of the R&D pipeline.  In 2012, Bayer CropScience acquired AgraQuest and Fred had the opportunity to help build Bayer’s Global Biologics Regulatory team, focus on global regulatory affairs, and bring integrated crop solutions to the market.



Fred stepped away from full time employment in August 2014 and established Fred Betz Regulatory Strategies to continue his career-long passion to help commercialize effective, low risk, biologically derived products for use in agriculture and specialty markets.




Fred Betz is a biologist whose career has centered on regulatory affairs for biologically-derived products over the past four decades.  Starting at US EPA in 1976, Fred helped develop and lead the Agency’s regulatory program dedicated to facilitating the registration of biopesticides.   He then joined the Washington DC based regulatory consulting firm, Jellinek, Schwartz & Connolly in 1994 where he was Senior Scientist and led the firm’s Biotech Practice helping companies understand biopesticide regulations and register their microbial, biochemical, and transgenic plant pesticide products.